Compatible with Catalina?

So macOS Catalina is now out. Is it safe to upgrade with Channels DVR?

We do not recommend upgrading yet.

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Any specific reason you don’t recommend? Or just suggesting to play it safe and wait for reports of issues / incompatibilities?

There is atleast one known issue which breaks DVR upgrades: MacOS Catalina, Channels-DVR, and external drives

I just upgraded to Catalina without a hitch; I imagine the main
reason for holding off is that this latest Apple release leaves
behind all 32 bit apps and also ditches itunes for a new venue;
if you have older legacy 32 bit apps that your world revolves around I for sure
would delay going to Catalina; I can't imagine Channels Plus being affected
by the upgrade IMHO

very much would like to know if the issue with external drives is being actively worked on? Or has it been fixed?

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Catalina is probably one of the buggiest OS releases Apple has ever made. There is a lot of chatter in the macOS dev community about the severity of the bugs in the beta and how many still exist in the final release. Everyone would be well-advised to wait until the .1 or .2 release is out before upgrading.

See for example

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Just wondering if there has been any update on this? Would like to move my server to my Mac but I already upgraded to Catalina.

Just to clarify a bit...

Channels DVR runs just fine on macOS Catalina. The only issue is that you have to (re) grant access to "Files and Folders" each time you upgrade the Channels DVR server software - beta or GA versions. This is simple and straightforward; a nice pop up appears on the Mac desktop asking you to click 'OK' or something similar. The DVR software will not complete the load process until access is granted but once you grant access it all runs just fine. If you forget to do this then the clients will help remind you since they can't connect to the backend to stream any content.

Understood. But this can be very problematic if you're trying to run headless. Or in my extreme case, where I am automatically triggering a check for betas every 6 hours. We need a real solution so that we can continue to be completely hands off.

I actually run headless and update to nearly every beta. I simply remote in and click the check box each time. Admittedly, it took a little bit to adjust to the workflow; I did forget to grant the access a few times.

I'm not saying it's ideal or even a recommended way to run. What I'm saying is that if you really want or need Catalina for some reason that Channels will work with it just fine with the caveat mentioned.

That said, yes, I completely agree a more permanent solution is required especially as the DVR auto-updates on full releases.

I am not running Catalina to test it, but if you're saying that when an upgrade happens, if one isn't able to remote into their computer to check the box, that Channels will no longer work for watching content, I respectfully disagree that Channels will work with it "just fine". I call this out because despite the caveat, this could cause people a lot of grief.

We obviously have different opinions. You’re welcome to Your’s just as I am to mine.