Compatible with Catalina?

So macOS Catalina is now out. Is it safe to upgrade with Channels DVR?

We do not recommend upgrading yet.

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Any specific reason you don’t recommend? Or just suggesting to play it safe and wait for reports of issues / incompatibilities?

There is atleast one known issue which breaks DVR upgrades: MacOS Catalina, Channels-DVR, and external drives

I just upgraded to Catalina without a hitch; I imagine the main
reason for holding off is that this latest Apple release leaves
behind all 32 bit apps and also ditches itunes for a new venue;
if you have older legacy 32 bit apps that your world revolves around I for sure
would delay going to Catalina; I can't imagine Channels Plus being affected
by the upgrade IMHO

very much would like to know if the issue with external drives is being actively worked on? Or has it been fixed?

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Catalina is probably one of the buggiest OS releases Apple has ever made. There is a lot of chatter in the macOS dev community about the severity of the bugs in the beta and how many still exist in the final release. Everyone would be well-advised to wait until the .1 or .2 release is out before upgrading.

See for example

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