The recording that Channels does takes up a large amount of space. There are some movies that I would like to save. What software do you suggest in compressing the tiles?

MCEBUDDY using HDHomeRun profile.

Handbrake does the job for me, although it's been a while since I used it on .mpg files. Worth a test since it's free. As a matter of fact this made me curious and I am testing it now.

[edit] compressed Stephanopoulis' Sunday show from 4.1g to a 1.4g mp4 in about 6 minutes on my Nvidia 3060. Note: there is no commercial skipping going on here, I do it the old-fashioned way with the remote.

Looks good enough, I just don't know how you get it back into ChannelsDVR as a mp4... I've never used Channels for stuff like that, I use Emby for everything except Live TV and DVR functions. I'm sure plenty of people here can help out with that.

Could try using MCEBuddy as @Edwin_Perez suggested using the RenameExt=.mpg trick . Its explained a little in...

I do this to reduce file sizes and plop the resized file back in the ChannelsDVR recordings folder without Channels becoming angry.

EDIT: Oops, looks like the @Edwin_Perez suggestion of HDHomeRun profiles already do the rename. I have been using a modified version of the MP4 Normal profile with the rename added.

No need. As I mentioned on the rare occasion I may want to save a sporting event I Handbrake it then use Emby as my Movie/TV/Video interface. Does the job nicely for me, already using it for my vast movie collection. No purple interface either! :smiling_imp:

The only reason I mentioned Handbrake as a solution for the OP is because it's free. AFAIK MCEBuddy is not, correct?

There are trial and premium versions. The premium is $30 and the trial is 15 days. It’s been so long since I got the premium that I do not remember if the trial is limited in other ways or if it just simply stops working after 15 days. And remember this is a Windows program. But I do use it across my network to work on my Channels files on a Synology.

If anyone is interested…

Just an FYI: The non paid version of MCEBuddy has some limitations in speed of processing files. I think that is the only limitation last I checked, but that may have changed.

I purchased the MCE Buddy premium, and I am very happy with it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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