ComSkip fails to run following new recording

I thought I posted this yesterday, but I don't see it, so here it is again. I try to update my Beta DVR server at least once a day. I'm running a Windows 10 dedicated (at the moment) server.

Some of my series are set to detect commercials and others are not. When one that is supposed to detect commercials finishes recording, the commercial detection fails to start. However, if I reboot the server, it finds the shows that should have been detected, and starts the detection process.

Another thing I noticed which may be related, is that there are often strange things listed under "Activity". Right now I'm seeing:

Processing recording TV\America Reports With John Roberts & Sandra Smith\America Reports With John Roberts & Sandra Smith S2021E07 2021-01-26-1300.mpg

This is a show from yesterday that was set for no commercial detection and has since been deleted. Could the never ending "Processing" of this show be causing ComSkip not to run?

Any clues?


Here's some additional information.

I loaded today's Beta and the system rebooted the server. After the reboot, it did three ComSkip runs for shows that were recorded last night, but had not been ComSkiped.

After the third ComSkip Pass (which was NCIS), the "Checking commercials" message went away, but the "Processing" message is still there:

Processing recording TV\NCIS\NCIS S18E06 1mm 2021-01-26-2000.mpg

I don't know exactly what "Processing" means, but it looks like it never ends on my system.