[comskip] manually edited commercials is not reflected in log

If I edit what is commercial and what is not using Channels web interface it would be expected to have this information reflected in log, as I would later want to cut it using FFmpeg.

That being said, on this recording I see such info:

Problems I have:

  1. If I get information how many Ads were classified as show, then why they are not marked again as ads?
  2. when I uncheck that 260.46sek and click save after I wait few seconds this segment is auto-checked again. This is very confusing.

I am assuming that manually edited commercials should be reflected in the API, when I click on ID number I see part of the response (nice upgrade btw)

But it's not clear how should I read "Commercials" key - is it first commercial between [0] - [1], another one [2] - [3] etc?

As a side-note: anyone notice Ffmpeg6 being very sloooow in conversion process. on 8 cores conversion between mpeg and mp4 (x265) is with 0,443x speed.