Configure New Setup

I have an old HP z600 with 2 Xeon E5630 processors and 16 GB of RAM, a NVIDIA Quadro K2000d video card and currently running Windows 10.

I am thinking about either installing Channels DVR within Windows 10, which is running on a small SSD.

Or, I might convert it to a FreeNAS box.

Either way, I don't plan to spend much money, at all.

A couple of questions to you guys:

Can the CPUs and video card handle what Channels DVR needs from it?

I am looking at buying a couple of WD Blue 4GB 5400RPM disks and RAID 0 them: I don't think there would be any issues with 5400RPM drives, but is there a concern?

Use this Box?
Windows 10 or FreeNAS?
CPUs and Video Card are good or not?
5400RPM drives?

That is far more power than necessary. 5400 drives are fine, assuming you don't plan to write a bunch of streams at once; but the striping should help with that, too.

I'm not sure NVidia hardware acceleration is available for FreeBSB/TrueNAS (né FreeNAS), so if hardware transcoding is necessary, Windows may serve you better.