Conflict Resolution?: Setting Recordings number > than tuners


Just starting to kick the tires on Channels DVR.

After an initial challenge at getting the client software to install on my Nvidia Shield, I'm now attempting to do things that I would do on Windows Media Center to see how Channels DVR compares.

1st Issue: With six HD Homerun Primes, Nothing Recording, I selected six items to record at 6pm tonight (did this about 5:45pm)... and the Channels DVR software had no issue with letting me schedule 12 total recordings starting at 6pm.... Windows Media Center, and Plex Live TV / DVR both threw a dialog box to let me know I was creating an issue by scheduling more shows that available tuners available at that time frame.

Is there a reason Channels DVR let me over schedule my available tuners?

at 6pm, I was on a live channel, as I wanted to see what would happen. there was no dialog box that came up to let me know that such and such show is scheduled to record, "Would you like to allow the tuner to switch to that channel to make that recording? Or stay here?.. Or cancel something else? (I don't recall what Plex did here... I do know that WMC provided that type of dialog box when this issue occurred)

With both my wife and I potentially scheduling recordings on this "whole house dvr", I would think this type of scenario should be handled better than this.

thank you for your time,


Conflict handling is one area that Channels needs to improve, most definitely. Presently, it seems that the only aspect for conflict resolution is a rudimentary priority-based system for series-based recordings. Anything more complex than that is not available.

I understand that this is one area that is due for much improvment in the coming months. (Of course, that is based solely on previous forum posts and comments, as I have no concrete knowledge of the internal decisions of the development process.)


My initial impression of Channels DVR is positive. I'll give a week or two to see how well it does at actually recording what I ask it to record (a basic task that any DVR software should be able to do...., yep, that sounds like a stupid statement, but Plex DVR and HDhomerun's DVR products couldn't deliver that basic tasks, and was run out of the house by my wife after way too many missed recordings.)

The lack of any simple conflict resolution does give me pause though.



It does prioritize recordings based on the priority of your passes, but it doesn’t seek out and identify potential issues, as you mentioned. Nor will it interrupt live TV viewing if it will interfere with scheduled recordings. The Devs have acknowledged this is an area they would like to enhance, but as far as I know there has been no timeline announced yet.