Connect Quatro + Prime



I just added a Quattro to my Prime because I needed more tuners for local TV. Initially it showed both locals from both tuners on the guide but my Quattro was missing a good 20 channels including CBS which I watch so I ran the scan again. Now in the guide it only shows the locals for the tuner I set priority, is it just combining them? I’m not sure since the actually channels # is vastly different for example CBS is 2.2 using an Antenna (Connect Quattro) but with Comcast CBS is 1002 (Prime). I just want to make sure I’m not missing out on those locals with Comcast because I’m planning to set my recordings to use Comcast because occasionally during bad weather my local Antenna can cut out on CBS and ABC.


The app will combine channels across tuners based on their name/callsign. The tuner with the priority is used first, and that’s the channel number which shows up in the guide.