Connecting HDHome Run directly to iMac

I have Channels Server set up on a 2012 iMac which I then connect to my home network wirelessly. I can watch Channels recorded video from the iMac on my Apple TV without any issues. I am wondering if it is possible to then directly hook HDHome Run directly into my iMac so that I can get live channels and record them? I hooked the HDHR directly in my iMac's ethernet port but no go. I am thinking maybe I need to change something on the iMac's settings? Or, is this just not possible, i.e. HDHR is expecting a direct connection to the router? Thanks!

On the Mac, set your Ethernet port to a static IP in the 169.254/16 range, and you should be able to directly access the tuners that way. (Back when the Prime had Ethernet issues, I used to run them off a switch on a second Ethernet port set up just this way.)

Sorry I’m not that technical when it comes to networking, could you give me the full IP example? Thanks.

Basically anything from–

I think things will work the way you want if you enable the WiFi network to be "shared" by the Mac Mini. Just go into Settings/Network on the Mac and look for the "Share" option on the WiFi tab. I think this will cause stuff hanging off the Ethernet port of the Mac to "see" the WiFi network. (P.S. You shouldn't need to do the hard-coded IP address thing suggested above)

Found the following article on Apple. Although their example is opposite yours (sharing the Ethernet network to other computers connected over WiFi).

@racameron, Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it but no dice. When I go to watch a live program, I see "Starting" and then "Reconnecting" (continuous loop). Here is what I updated...

Not sure what settings need to be adjusted on the Mac. I used Linux, so network configuration was a little bit different, and easier to manually configure.

Oh, okay. Thanks anyway.

Quick question- are you running a cable straight from the HDHomerun to your Ethernet jack on the computer?
If so you need a cross-over cable transferring send to receive pins. If running through a switch/router it does the cross over for you.

Yes, this is what I was hoping to accomplish. I have a mesh router satellite for one network in my house (Tokyo) to which I have connected the HDHR. I am switching everything over to my other network (Osaka), but that network has no satellite (it's pure Wifi from the base router 2 floors down). So, I wanted to hook the HDHR into my iMac via ethernet, and then connect my iMac to the Osaka network via Wifi.

You will need a crossover cable to connect straight across. No problem they are available on the internet at various lengths. The wire insert pattern or the connectors is also downloadable if you make your own cables. You will need to manually configure both units IP addresses. The iMac is given earlier. The HDHomerun I think can be done through the web app, check documentation. The first 3 segments need to be the same numbers. 1.2.3.x The fourth segment (x) numbers need to be different but between 2 & 254. suggest and

Consumer HDHomeRun units cannot be configured with a manual/static IP address. If the unit fails to receive an IP address via DHCP, it will fallback to a self-assigned link-local/APIPA address in the 169.254/16 range.

Only commercial HDHR units can be manually configured with IP addresses.

Hi everyone...thanks for the suggestions and/or comments. I think this endeavor will be more than I really need, so I will simply stick to having the 2nd network via the mesh and port forward which is working.



Did you try the internet sharing option? I really think it's exactly what you're looking for.

Sorry, no, but I got tired and frustrated changing back and forth. I decided to cut my losses and just keep it as is. No big deal. Trying to streamline things but not an absolute necessity. I might try in the future though. Thanks for the suggestion!