Connecting HDHR directly to Mac


I am renting a place for several months. I don't have my own internet connection...I share it with the landlord. Can I hook up my HDHR directly to the ethernet port of my iMac rather than the wifi router, which I don't have access to?


Unlikely to work for guide data purposes but you can try it


Apologies, not fully following. Wouldn't the guide data come in via the Channel server on my iMac, with the Channels service getting guide data from my Mac's internet connection via Wifi?


With Channels DVR, yes. It should work if the server is on your Mac.

Without DVR the HDHR needs to be able to talk to the internet too to authorize SD guide data.


Okay, so I should have been a bit clearer. I have Channels server on my Mac. I plug in the HDHR directly to my ethernet port. I should be okay?

Note that I currently am watching recorded shows from my Mac on my Apple TV. I took my external hard drive with me which has the episodes. So, I would assume the above set up should work?


It should work.


Note that Premium TV will not work unless the HDHR can access the internet


Yes, so I plan to turn on Internet Sharing on my iMac and plug the HDHR into my Ethernet port.

Now, I could then sent the episodes to my AppleTV from my iMac via the wifi network. However, even now (no HDHR), it get a bit stuttery. So, I thought I'd also share an internet connection from my iMac directly to my AppleTV using a Thunderbolt adapter that would allow me to use an ethernet cable to the Apple TV.

Do you think this would work?


iMac Ethernet port <- Ethernet cable -> HDHR <-Antenna
iMac Thunderbolt port <-Thunderbort to Ethernet adapter <- Ethernet cable-> AppleTV