Connection Lost Philo

I use channels through my Apple TV’s with a Synology server and Philo, Pluto, and a antenna. For the last couple of weeks the Philo part of my stream will randomly say “Connection Lost” it seems to happen quite a bit. This rarely if ever happened before. Does anyone have some insight on my issue? If I stream direct from the Philo app it’s fine and never has a issue.

Try updating your dvr to the latest prerelease

I've been having connection issues with Philo as well. The first month and a half it's been great but it's dropped on me twice in the last 4 days. It's not all Philo channels just certain ones like Food Network, HGTV, History, etc...
I get one of 3 errors "No Login Form Found", "404", or "Invalid Character <". My DVR server and Channels app on ATV are all up to date. When I delete Philo as a source and add it back that seems to fix it. But, this doesn't seem normal that I should have to do this so often.

Thanks, that seemed to fix my problem.

What version number are you running on your Channels DVR server?
2021.05.16.2133 is the current prerelease version

@chDVRuser 2021.05.16.2133 is the DVR Server version I’m running.

Great. Just checking :smile:
Many people have stated they're up to date, and are on the latest release version, not realizing how to get the latest prerelease.