Connection lost TVE and Apple TV

So I’ve gone through several of the old posts about this issue, but none of them seem to match my issue.

I run an Apple TV 4K feeding my TV. It’s connected to a gig switch and my provider is synchronous gig fiber. I don’t use a tuner, I am strictly using TVE (via Locast, Directv, Fubo, Xfinity). The issue I have is this. My wife likes to have IonTV play in the background while she works, every 3-4 hours of running without interaction we get the connection lost error. This happens on any one of the 5 TV’s in the house. All with the same set up. Apple TV connected to a gig switch then out to the provider’s gig fiber.

Any thoughts?

Is iontv coming off locast?

Can you submit diagnostics from the Apple TV next time this happens, via Settings > Support

It is coming off of Locast. In my priority list I have Locast listed first, then fubo, then Directv, then xfinity.

When it happens again, I’ll try to grab the diagnostics. The odd thing is that I don’t think it’s channel specific. It’s almost like a time out period if you’re not directly interacting, much the same way Netflix does if you’re just letting episodes play in continuous play.

Same issue here. I've been getting "connection lost" 2-3 times a day for the past couple of months. Doesn't matter what channel. It appears to happen randomly? I was wondering what was going on, and how I could troubleshoot. My 4K AppleTV and Channels DVR Server (an iMac) are both hard-wired to a gigabit switch. I have 450 Mbps download speeds from my ISP. All of my sources are TVE too. Next time it happens I will try to submit diagnostics.

Just submitted diagnostics about 1:30ish mountain time yesterday. It doesn’t matter the channel like the above poster mentioned. It isn’t a loss of network connectivity in the house because I was on a Zoom call when it happened this time and no loss of the call.

I get a "Connection Lost" error from Locast at exactly the 4hr mark. It does not matter which channel.

At first I thought it may be a disk space issue with the buffer. However, I can have a TVE channel on all day through my Philo source. Also, it's reproducible on different Locast channels.

I figured it was just Locast closing the connection after 4 hours. Like how Netflix asks you if you are still there after watching a few episodes.

That was my first thought too when people reported this. If it happens at exactly four hours each time it’s definitely not an accident. I also assumed Locast has a four hour stream limit to ensure streams don’t run indefinitely and consume resources. I think they have had issues keeping up with demand in the past so limitations like that would not be surprising.

You both are spot on. I found this:

Is there a way that channels can do a keep alive, I wonder?

Unlikely. The only way I could think to do so would be to stop the stream and reopen it every 2 hours and 59 minutes. Obviously that means an interruption to anybody watching when that occurs. It would not be a good experience, I don’t think.

Thanks for finding this! I know the article mentions every three hours, but it cuts out for me right at the 4-hour mark. For example, I tune in a channel at 7:58 pm; and then the I get the Connection Lost message just before midnight.

The live TV cutting out is a pain if I have the TV on in the background -- for example, I'm in the middle of cooking. I'm more concerned for DVR recordings. Luckily, I have not had to recoded more than a 2-hour block from a Locast channel.

If it’s recording that is activity. I’ve recorded football games that were up to 4 hours long, so it’s just no activity is when it times out,

I’m having this “connection lost” happen pretty often even with DirecTV TVE, not just Locast. My network is fully gigabit wired. The “connection lost” issue started happening about two months ago, but the timing is intermittent.

Did anyone ever figures this out? Having connection lost issues too. I have no issues when streaming anything else, only with Channels/TVE. I turn to the same channel on AT&T Now and works fine.

Update your dvr to prerelease

That will help with connection lost? Are you talking the HD Homerun? Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I think the issues were primarily with TVE but if you’re having issues it’s usually a good idea to go to the latest pre-release to get all known bug fixes. If you’re still having issues, post as many details as you can on the forums and we may be able to help.