Connection Lost


This “Connection Lost” error started happening for live TV on my Apple TV. I changed a few things recently. Some possible causes:

– It seems to coincide with setting up the DVR on an Nvidia Shield. I haven’t had a connection lost error for a long time when the DVR was running on a 2009 iMac. I didn’t restore the DVR database from the iMac; setup clean install on the Shield.

– Another factor might be that I upgraded the firmware on the HDHomeRun after setting up the Shield. HDHomeRun PRIME, Model: HDHR3-CC, Firmware: 20180817.

– I think the Tuner Sharing setting on the Apple TV was off when I was using the iMac as the DVR, then I turned on it for no specific reason after switching to the Shield. I now turned it off to see if it could have contributed to the error.

Using Apple TV I get conection ost onive TV

Does the DVR log on the shield show any errors at the time when connection lost happened?