Constant Buffering and Other Problems

I'm having glitches. When I start up my Channels app (Android on nVidia Shield) sometimes it takes a long to time to start up. When I play live tv sometimes it buffers constantly, sometimes not. When I play recordings sometimes they take forever to start, then buffer so badly it's unwatchable. I would normally suspect my hard drive but when I access my Channels recordings through Kodi, all the recordings play without a single problem. A little while ago I submitted a Diagnostic Log/Video Player. Thanks.

Please check your network speed from your Shield to your channels server. On the client, select settings, Then support and last Test speed to DVR Server.

Please report what you see

Download - 988.55 Mbit/s
Latency - 1.89 ms
Jitter - 0.35 ms

Sorry, I forgot, but it's also crashing. If the app is already open when I start up my Shield and I go to the app, it usually crashes and I have to restart. I also have occasional issues with guide data, there will be none.

Should I send you logs for crash and guide data? Thanks.

This quick view of your network looks fine. As nobody else has responded I suggest you open a support ticket and to save time send diagnostic data.

Thanks. I think it's fixed. I uninstalled, re-installed the app in my Shield, rebooted my Shield, rebooted my computer and everything seems to be working. App opened quickly, all guide data there, no buffering on live tv or recordings. I'll keep my fingers crossed.