Constant buffering on Fox News channel

Hi there , I have just uploaded a diagnostic at 11:25am ET. My issue which seems to always be the same is myltuple buffering on fox news mostly. Occasionally orher channels but mostly fox news. The channel will start buffering and I will hace to go back to guide, then back into the channel to fix it. Then a minute or a few minutes later it will happen again. Last time I was instructed to upload a diagnostic so I did. I have a hardwired connection to my router with 300mb service from my ISP. Channels is running on my 2019 shield pro. Using channels dvr 2.1.20. Thanks!

Yes on Android TV, FireTV and I have been seeing it happen on AppleTV yesterday and today on both Fox News, HGTV and DiY.

I've been trying to work with them providing videos and logs but apparently nothing seems amiss and they don't experience it I guess. I tested using VLC player on my Android TV and it worked very well. Problem is it only happens on live TV.

Good luck!

Then next time this happens could you do these specific steps while the player is still spinning:

  1. Submit Diagnostic Logs from the DVR
  2. Start a recording on that same channel
  3. Submit Diagnostic Logs from the DVR
  4. Exit the video player and Submit Diagnostic Logs from the app
  5. Wait for the recording to complete
  6. Submit Diagnostic Logs from the DVR

This issue has stumped us because every part of our system should report any error that is hit and should also timeout fairly quickly if no more data is being sent.

A situation like this where there is no error or timeout in the logs is not something we’ve experienced before and it’s made it hard for us to know where to start looking for the source of the issue.

These steps are very important because they will give us the opportunity to see the system in a state where it is active and will hopefully give us more of an idea of what’s going on.

Thanks Eric. When the player is spinning, I get a notification that I am behind live TV and I need to confirm that I want to exit to the guide. How will I be able to submit diagnostics while it's spinning?

To submit from the DVR in steps 1, 3, and 6 you’ll need to use a different device to go to the DVR web interface and go to Help -> Submit Diagnostic Logs. For step 4 you can confirm you want to exit to the guide before submitting the logs from the app.

I just submitted a log from my Android TV because 9f buffering and I had about a 10 min buffer ahead and it went to black screen and never came back. Had to back out. I also had started the DVR to record when it started buffering and it's still recording. I'm still having buffering issues.....

We've released a new build of the DVR with additional logging for this issue. Please update to it and submit diagnostics when the channel is stuck buffering.

I'm in the middle of recording until 7pm. I'll send logs for both the DVR and player then. I have yesterday's DVR installed and I'll install the left after.
The black screen came back with yesterday's update or the day before.


Recording finished, I will update the DVR.

logs from web ui while shield is spinning- bf25c6ef-4cdb-4590-ba5a-aae19427aea2

logs after starting recording on web ui- c630fc57-6eeb-43bb-9046-c7a93395b9e8

logs have been submitted from shield app and will submit after recording completes

Logs after recording completed- 4b5b1a91-bb71-409e-a50a-a26989c6eb24

It doesn’t look like that had enough to be useful. Please press-and-hold on Check for Updates again and follow the newer (simpler) instructions:

  1. Play the channel until you experience the issue
  2. While you’re still watching the blank screen, go to the DVR and Submit Diagnostic Logs

My previous avenue came up empty, so we’ve added additional logs that we hope will help us track this down.

Are you using ipv6 by chance?

Ipv6 is disabled on my router. Let me know if you have any other thoughts.

@eric will do.

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The screen is not blank but buffering with timeline showing.....



@jpblanch75 Can you try setting the Streaming Quality to 8Mbps and see if it still happens? It should make it take a bit longer to tune, but will give us more info on the client as well. Also please turn on HTTP logging on the DVR.

If it happens again please send diagnostics from the client and server.

Edit for @eric
These are of transcoding not working at the app!
It's worse.... Happened right away and is just hanging.....



I tried all the resolutions down to 480 1mbps and it does the same thing.

Just a note, setting to 1080 8mbps on Apple TV works fine and it works fine on my Google Pixel 4 XL.

At 9:20am


At 11:18AM

At 2:10PM

Experienced issue this evening and submitted logs - 50dcaf7c-a2be-4fbb-9908-bec2b1fd44e7