Context Cancelled

When I try to add AT&T to TVE, I get a context cancelled error. What does this mean? I am running the
2021.07.09.1932 beta.


Is this DSM7?

I had a failure today with “context cancelled” for ID channel via TVE (Spectrum). Tried to rescan the channel and also get “context cancelled.” Latest pre-release, DSM 7. Submitted diagnostics as 3c05187c-afb8-4be3-8b30-422b688440ed

Still getting the same error for ID (Investigation Discovery) today. I’m on a recent pre-release, is it still working for everybody else?

Do other Discovery Network channels work? That's the first troubleshooting step to take.

(Also, are you also using AT&T as your SSO provider? If not, why did you hijack this thread? Is there another similarity?)

Can you SSH in and run this command then send all the output to [email protected]

ps auxx

Afterwards, try restarting the dvr service. If that doesn't work you may need to reboot the NAS.

The error messages are the same, and I’m on DSM 7, so I thought they might be related . I’ll test the other discovery networks and start a new thread with the details.

I do not have any problem logging on to AT&T using their Apple TV app.

same here with 7/16 upgrade. context cancels.

Any update with the context cancelled error?

Did you click and hold the Sign In button after entering your TVE login?