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Is there a way to have movies in the kids section show up in continue watching? Currently the visibility has to be set to “library” or “both” to show up in continue watching section. Or is there a way to have a separate Continue watching section for Kids? I am trying to keep Kids movies completely separated which is currently possible. However, The lack of continue watching creates a problem for small children who tend to watch things over and over and want to pick up where they left off. Any thoughts??

The top section of the kids section is movies ordered by when they’ve been last played. So essentially this is what you’re looking for.

Ok. But how do I remove movies from that recently watched section? It just creates a back log in the kids section. Even if I mark as watched it stays there.

They don’t go away. The whole point is that it’s a listing of the movies, by recently watched. It’s a running updated list. Just like recently added or new releases.

Ok. So adding to adjusting visibility for kids movies to both libraries is the only way to have the ability to have the. Show in continue watching section? And continue watching section it the only section in which we have the ability to remove a movie that has been started? Correct?

Continue Watching is a convenient section to show movies you haven’t finished watching. Movies only show there for a short amount of time. The reason is that most adults either continue watching a movie within the first few hours or don’t continue them at all (the amount of time movies show there is adjustable in settings).

Children tend to rewatch movies over and over and over again. Especially in a row. For this reason, we have a section that shows movies in the order they were recently played. This gives you a way to find the movies they want to watch, faster.

Adults don’t rewatch movies the way kids do. So this type of section doesn’t exist in the main library section.

Can we have a "continue watching" section for non-movies?

I rarely watch "movies", yet have a need for the "continue watching" as I have many shows that I watch 20-30 minutes of and wish to finish at a later time. I use the Android client but this should apply to both.

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That's what the Up Next section is for.

True, but new recordings can easily push partially viewed programs further down the list, where they can be missed.

If we kept partially viewed recordings at the top of the list, then it would be nothing but partially viewed recordings. Up Next takes steps to push the right things to the top, while letting things you haven't watched in a while fall to the back.

It's not perfect, and we're hoping to be able to put some time into it this fall to tune it up.

I was literally going to post a new topic thinking this was a bug. I am in the process of moving my TV show library over from plex. I was watching an episode of a sitcom in Channels that was buried deep in the series. I tried to finish it today and I couldn't remember where in the 7 seasons it was. I had to go through every episode until I found it. If it would show up in continue watching that would have been awesome. It's the one thing I miss from plex..

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We've had this conversation before... at least over a year ago. The Up Next Section does not work for PARTIALLY VIEWED PROGRAMS in the Android Client. You keep saying that it does, but it doesn't.

I have about 40 episodes of Impossible Engineering. My wife hates this show so I watch a little here and a little there when I can. Last night I watched about 20 minutes of an episode for the first time and it never appears in the "Up Next" section.

I have over 500 recordings on my DVR, I want a section that shows me the HANDFUL OF SHOWS that I've STARTED TO WATCH but haven't finished.

A "continue watching" section is EXACTLY THAT... yet you only implement for movies.

If you're going to keep telling me this is what "Up Next" is for, then frickin FIX IT!

Yes, I'm slightly annoyed because you're not listening.

If you're experiencing a bug with up next please submit diagnostics

"Up Next" as has been pointed is not going to work even if it does what it's supposed to because it's intermixed with all kinds of other programs that it wants to tell me I should watch next. Even if this program were to show up in Up Next, it would roll off the front screen long before I watched it and then I would have to go searching.

You have implemented a "continue watching" feature that does EXACTLY what I want but have inexplicably limited it to movies.

You are not listening. I give up.

Your feedback has been heard. When we are working on improving the library, this will certainly be on our mind.

Bug reports get priority over feature requests. If there's a bug in Up Next causing partially watched episodes to not appear, we would like to know and fix it. Fixing bugs is much easier than building a new feature.

This bug has been tracked down and fixed.

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Does Up Next include Recorded TV Shows? This is where it's really needed.

UP Next is all about recorded TV shows.

What I meant was a place to "Continue Watching" shows that you already started. Not next episodes. Ideally this should not be an icon view. But a list view starting with the most recently viewed at top.

That was the first item mentioned in the update:

Major improvements to Up Next
• If you started watching something, it will now reliably show up in Up Next so you can continue watching