Continue Watching section

Is there a way to have movies in the kids section show up in continue watching? Currently the visibility has to be set to “library” or “both” to show up in continue watching section. Or is there a way to have a separate Continue watching section for Kids? I am trying to keep Kids movies completely separated which is currently possible. However, The lack of continue watching creates a problem for small children who tend to watch things over and over and want to pick up where they left off. Any thoughts??

The top section of the kids section is movies ordered by when they’ve been last played. So essentially this is what you’re looking for.

Ok. But how do I remove movies from that recently watched section? It just creates a back log in the kids section. Even if I mark as watched it stays there.

They don’t go away. The whole point is that it’s a listing of the movies, by recently watched. It’s a running updated list. Just like recently added or new releases.

Ok. So adding to adjusting visibility for kids movies to both libraries is the only way to have the ability to have the. Show in continue watching section? And continue watching section it the only section in which we have the ability to remove a movie that has been started? Correct?

Continue Watching is a convenient section to show movies you haven’t finished watching. Movies only show there for a short amount of time. The reason is that most adults either continue watching a movie within the first few hours or don’t continue them at all (the amount of time movies show there is adjustable in settings).

Children tend to rewatch movies over and over and over again. Especially in a row. For this reason, we have a section that shows movies in the order they were recently played. This gives you a way to find the movies they want to watch, faster.

Adults don’t rewatch movies the way kids do. So this type of section doesn’t exist in the main library section.