Continuous playback of episodes


Hi, not sure if this has been suggested, but continuous Playback would be good if we have multiple episodes of the same show to watch.
Have a pop up appear at the end of the episode just watched allowing us to auto play the next episodes rather than having to manually select them each time.

Auto Play Up Next
Commercial free back 2 back playback

Continuous play is definitely a feature we want to get in there.


I think this is a nice feature but needs to be an Option. Netflix, Hulu and others have this but they make it “optional”. I just started a subscription to STARZ and they call it “auto roll”. However, they do not have an option to turn it off.

My problem with this feature is that sometimes I fall asleep while watching an Episode and then it could continue for multiple episodes which then marks the episodes as watched. Next day I have to figure out which episodes I actually watched. I am not alone in this. I am on a number of forums and have helped people find where to turn it off and their reason is the same as mine.

I like the idea of maybe an auto select of next episode but require a action to have it start playing.


@d21mike totally agree. I’ve woken up to my iPad spoiling episodes of House of Cards. I’m not a fan of that either.

In the media center side project @tmm1 and I have worked on for years, we’ve done just what you suggested. It will play the next episode, but it takes an action to do it. This prevents everything you just described.

For Channels, it’d be great to figure out a way to do both. We’ll def play with a bunch of different ways of doing this and use what we’ve learned over the past years.


Yeh, just a single click option to continue would be nice.


I second this feature.


I also want this feature, but in my case I would use it more when using the “Mark as Watched” - it would be nice to either have it auto-advance to the next episode or provide the button on the Episode card with the other buttons.

There are some series I’m watching where they have annoying recap “new” episode which I skip, but right now I have to exit the episode and re-select the “up next” show again.


My kids just experienced the need for this feature. This feature would be great.


Has there been any further look into this? Seems like it was something on your to do, and wanted to see if it is still a work in progress?


I too would like this feature. With TiVo we could "play all" on a particular show and have endless playback. A year in and we still really miss this feature.



For my case it's mainly for the kids' short 5 minute cartoons