Controls stop working when playing a recording

Server: 2022.10.03.2116 running on Windows 10 Home
Client: 4.4.1 on an Nvidia Shield Pro
Server is at remote site from client, being accessed over the WAN.

I am running into an issue where any time I play a recording, the recording starts but I can then not use any buttons on the remote, pressing pause, any direction on the D-Pad or even the home button does not pop up the onscreen controls or do anything.

It is consistent (100% reproducible) and you either have to reboot the device or hit buttons so many times that it finally crashes back to the home screen (after 15 or 20 seconds).

I've only attempted to watch recordings so far, so I can try live playback and also playing recordings from other Android clients besides the Shield, I just wanted to report it first to see if it was already a known issue before I spend the time troubleshooting.

Weird have not seen or heard of this.

Worth trying the beta app as well

So got more info then. Seems to be related to the 'Skip commercial' button, so only happens on recordings, not live TV.

If you start the recording, and then there is a 'Skip Commercial' button present but you don't notice it, when you try and use any of the directional buttons, pause / play controls or home button on the shield, they don't work while that skip commercial button is present. If you skip the commercial, it is then fine.

If you don't skip the commercial, the button goes away but your controls are still locked out for about 20-30 seconds after the button dissapears, then all of the keys pressed trigger all at once.

In my case I had hit the rewind then home button to close out of channels, then I had hit the power button to turn off the Shield (put it to sleep). So then 20 seconds later or so, it rewound, went back to the home screen, and went to sleep, and it took several presses to the power/home buttons to get it to wake back up.

Tested it on a FireTV running 4.4.1 as well but was not able to reproduce it, once the skip commercial buttons goes away the controls work as normal.

Want me to get any diagnostics from the production version of the Shield client before switching to the beta to test?

If you click back to hide the button, do things work as expected after?

No buttons work when the Skip Commercial button is up, including back (the back button or the left directional key) - with the exception being the select button, which would proceed to skip the commercial.

I can work around it now that I know it is that (was worried my wife was gonna kill me if I didn't get it working before Sunday football) but it doesn't seem like it is the desired behavior.

Okay thanks. If you can test and confirm on the beta apk that would help. FYI you can workaround by turning off the skip button under commercial skip settings.

Installed the beta and tested, it shows the same behavior.