Copy movies to DVR using Samba

Hi, I have some movies I'd like to copy to the Channels DVR from a Windows PC via Samba. I don't want to have to connect the drive to the PC. I can access the DVR in Windows. I can copy to my PC from the DVR. I cannot copy to it. I see in Windows Explorer that the drive is listed as read only. How do I get write permission? I generally run Linux but could not figure out how to access the DVR in Linux. Windows surprisingly was dead simple. My DVR is setup on a Raspberry Pi. Thanks for the help.

I would just create a folder on the pi and then make it shareable as well as writable. Then add the location you copied to channels in the webui

It would vary based on how you have the DVR setup on the Pi.
As you did not state that, it is hard to say.
Are you using the dedicated Pi Image made by channels?
Or are you using RaspberryOS or some other Linux flavor on the Pi and have Channels Server installed as a package to that OS.
There are major differences in how things work.

The Pi Image, it is based on its own special OS(i forget what), you just enable the Samba option in the server and you can access your DVR folder to copy on/off recordings or to put on your own local media. All other folders are locked permission wise and can not be accessed by the user normally.

If you are not using the image, then you would need to consult your linux flavor documentations to install, setup, and set permissions for Samba.

Thanks for the responses. Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Sorry I forgot to mention I am using the official Channels DVR Pi image. I'll have to try again. I checked the permissions on the folder and it showed read only when accessing it through Windows. I tried unchecking read only and hit apply. It did not hold.