Corrupted UK Freeview HD on Pixel 4

Hi, I couldn't see a specific Android app topic so I'll add this here. When playing back some HD recordings on the Android app on the Pixel 4 I'm seeing some corruption which makes the playback unwatchable. It's the sort of green pixelation and somewhere in the background the aspect ratio looks off too. This wasn't occurring on my Pixel 2 which was also on Android 10, so I don't think it's necessarily related to the Android version. I've noticed that this also happens on Plex when playing back the same file in original quality so it may be something related to the system video player? Transcoding in Plex plays back the file without corruption. Playing through the Channels Web player also works correctly.
This is in build 2.1.15

I'm still seeing this issue on HD recordings on Android, it makes things basically unwatchable, is there any chance this might get looked at soonish?

I don't have an android phone but can you try and select 'software' decoding in the settings instead of hardware.

thanks for the suggestion,I've used that option on my Nvidia Shield, but there isn't an option to change the decoder on the current build of the Android app (Beta 12030552) currently. Not that I can find anyway

Please submit diagnostics and post when uploaded

Hi, I've just submitted some video player diagnostics

I'm uploading a new android beta which will let you switch Decoder to Software. To get it opt-in on

That looks to have fixed it, Software decoder works nicely with no corruption seen so far. Thanks!

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