Could Not Parse Playlist http://192

Since iterations of the beta allowed, I have had success in uploading the playlist that my EyeTV Netstream, allowing me to tune into DVB-S/S2 as well as HDhomerun. A brilliant solution once I've mapped the channels correctly as I can watch as well as record.

...Until recently. For the past few weeks I have had the message 'Unable to Parse Playlist'... followed by the IP of my Netstream Device.

I've tried reloading the playlist but the issue persists. The HDhomerun source is still working but I'm in an area where the DVB-T2 coverage isn't great. In in the UK.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to deal with this? The playlist generated by the Netstream device is m3u format.


Can you put one of those urls into VLC and play it?

They don't really look correct, but I can't tell if you removed and tried to hide parts of it.

Apologies, I removed the local IP yes.

I have tuned the sat receiver and all channels work correctly in the rather old EyeTV software that came with it, even though I have to run it in a Snow Leopard vm.

There is a web portal for the unit, once tuned you can grab the m3u playlist from that. Which ports straight in as a file into the channels beta, then you can map the channels to the local stations, all that works fine. Go to play said channels and after a long delay I get that parsing message. The AppleTV is wired to my network, as is my server.

It would be best if you can submit diagnostics from the dvr web UI, then email support and attach a copy of the m3u file.

My fault, I had the playlist in HLS format, when I tried mpeg it worked. Thank you for your support.