Crash on delete

Latest beta crashes when you delete a show from the library.

Diagnostics uploaded

Same here. On version 2022 10.6.1829

We're checking it out.

Can you help us out with some extra information? Please answer all of these questions

  1. Were you deleting a single recording? or the group? (Trash all)
  2. What was the source of the recording/group? HDHR, Import, Pluto recording?
  3. What client were you using? iOS or tvOS?
  4. Are you always seeing a crash?

We're seeing an issue with deleting a whole group when the group was from Pluto. But it's not crashing for me, it's just not deleting.

I’m seeing crashes when deleting individual programs that were recorded off air

This is happening on tvOS beta

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Where in the app are you deleting it? There can be many places, and the specifics matter.

After I hit stop, it takes me back to the recordings page and I hit delete there.

  1. single
  2. HDHR, TVE ( i do not use any other soruces)
  3. tvOS
  4. yes.

from Recordings page

Correction: crashes when deleting TVE shows too.

I was doing it all the time, now, it seems to favor OTA recordings, however, not all of them.
I deleted AFV recording fine, but Family Guy it crashed after deleting.
submitted logs after crash

Fixed in the latest build.