Crash To Home Screen

Very rarely since we went to Channels 4.0 I have experienced crash to home screen. It’s very sudden, no error, you just find yourself at the home screen. Then then you relaunch channels it has to do the full load with the splash screen. It just happened about ten minutes ago. Immediately after restart I went in and submitted diagnostics.

Same here and I think it started when I switched over to experimental deinterlacing. I've only recently switched back to linear so I'm not yet sure if that really is the culprit. I'll follow up regardless.

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Good theory. I checked and I am not using the experimental interlaced, although I am using the experimental video driver.

Happened again this evening, shortly after skipping through a commercial break of a TVE recording (not comskip). Submitted diagnostics, Hope there is something in there that will help.

Okay it's been 20 days since I switched back to linear deinterlacing and I haven't had a single crash to home screen on any of my Apple TVs. Take that for what it's worth.

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