Crashing on ios


I’m having a new problem with the channels app:

It crashes out on iOS.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled.
I have restarted the iPhone X.
Uninstalled and reinstalled again.

Any tips?


What version of iOS?

Did this just start happening and it was working fine before?

iOS 12.3.1

Yes it all worked great then started doing this a week ago.

I see that thereis an iOS update. I will do that and let you know here how it goes...

But all other suggestions welcome.

What is your hdhomerun device ID?

Are you using the normal or DVR app? I will try to look up the crash report.

Thank you. All good now.

Problem was HDHomerun was offline.

I rebooted that and all is now good.

So, my fault.

If being picky, I would have loved an error message or something other than a “mysterious” crash, but seriously, i love Channels and have no complaints.


Consider this one done!

If you want more debugging info for your use, just let me know.