Crashing on newest beta release

If I try to play a fake channel from channels dvr the player crashes on the build from the 10th…if I revert to the 9ths build it fixes the issue.

What does this mean? A virtual channel? Does it happen on all virtual channels?

I'm seeing the same behavior on AppleTV. The latest TestFlight (12.10.2349) crashes back to the main AppleTV menu when a Virtual Channel is selected. Not all VC's are affected but the ones that are affected do it every time. I've backed to the TestFlight candidate previous to it (12.9.2023) and all the VC's play.

All drivers are Experimental. I've submitted AppleTV App diagnostics from two different AppleTV units that are crashing on the same VC.

Here is the media details:

Same here. Had to install the previous version of the atv beta.

I saw this too on a virtual channel. Will try to submit diagnostics next time I see it.

And from the library

Fixed in next build


and apologies for my garbage troubleshooting or even a modicum of information

Thanks for everyone else who got the devs the info they needed

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