Create Channel for Local News Station Live Stream

I'm trying to create custom channels for local TV stations news. I've tried using the URLs from the actual live streams, then putting all of that information in "add source" but I can't get any of them to work. I'm stumped. Any suggestions? Will this even work? Here are the live stream landing pages.

Did you check out the docs on custom channels?
Also the station has to provide an m3u stream.
I did this for my local access station that is typically only available with a cable subscription. To get the m3u url I basically just started the stream and inspected the element in the browser. See below


#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="WCTV" channel-number="48" tvc-guide-stationid="49060" tvg-logo="" tvg-name="WCTV" tvc-guide-title="Chesapeake Television" tvc-guide-description="Chesapeake Local Access" tvc-guide-art="",WCTV

I gotta be honest here. I am TOTALLY confused by this process. Surprisingly so. I usually pick up on this stuff easily. Is there a demo video on how this works? Anyone recorded a tutorial?