Create pass from search has different ID than from guide


Hi there,

While creating some passes on the Apple TV app I noticed that when doing it from the search no airings were found, hence no recording was scheduled.

However when creating the same pass from the guide it would find the airings and properly record the episodes.

Then I checked what each pass would give me and I found this:

From the search: SeriesID == 13330553
From the guide: SeriesID == 13330553-fr-CA

I’m on the Montreal region and indeed the show is in a french channel.

Is this a bug?
Shouldn’t a pass created from search or guide give the same result?



This seems like a bug. Can you try search in the web UI, then when you click the result, what does it say in the browser URL?


It shows

But I get the error only from the Apple TV.



Okay thank you! It seems a bug in the Apple TV app then, and only happens when using Search.


Nice, that is correct, only happens from search on the ATV app.