Creating Specific Advanced Pass

If I want to create an Advanced Pass for a specific show, but not by series title, can I use the series ID and if so how would I look it up and where?



You'd need the seriesId. Unfortunately, I'm not certain how to search for that value.

Using creative scraping on Zap2It you can find the tmsId of a series. However, it doesn't easily correlate to the seriesId/rootId, which is what Channels uses.

If the show is listed in the guide, you can get SeriesID by creating a season pass and then choosing "Advanced" in the drop down list for that season pass. Delete the season pass and create a new one using the SeriesID.

If the show is not in the guide, the only want I know to get the SeriesID is to subscribe to the Gracenote API and do a search. You can get a developer account with Gracenote, but will have to request a higher level of access to accomplish this.

I use this method to create season passes when I hear about new shows that are months in the future, but I don't want to wait for the show to appear in the guide.