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Mentioned this in another post but thought I’d post here too.

With HDMI for channels getting abit of traction, one problem I have with my setup (one STB with an IR Blaster) is if I am say - at home watching a channel and my brother wants to jump on my server at his place, he has no easy way of knowing that I am currently watching a channel (for either jumping on the same tuner or not switching the channel on me via IR being sent on another channels request)

Could there potentially be another colour indicator similar to the Red and Yellow indicators for recording?

This could be a very niche request though - so completely understand that it might not be worth the time to implement

This is, in fact an incredibly niche case, so it's not something we'll approach at the moment and it's just going to be something you'll have to deal with, by using this incredibly niche approach to a custom channel. It just is what it is.

But the future isn't written yet. So while this is the answer now, it's never the permanent answer. Feedback like this is super important for us so thanks for sharing the experience!

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Yep no problems, completely understand.

Even in the small time I’ve been a part of this community there has been so much development and transparency.

So thanks for the awesome app and being so open about the direction you guys are going!

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