Custom channel without m3u source?

Is it possible to create a customs channel from this link.

While the link says .jpg…it is a live feed,
Using developer tools, I’m unable to locate an m3u source…

Any ideas?


No. While that image may refresh itself on a regular basis, it is just a picture.

That’s what I thought until I watched the live clock on top and then activity (takeoffs and landings ) clearly show it’s a live feed plus I can verify that it is live…. That’s what confuses me.. the jpg designation….

It's an MJPG video with no audio.
Copy the url and paste it into VLC player as a network stream.

And from there can I get or create a usable,link for a custom channel?
Thanks for solving😁

Actually it does have audio, just no volume to it.
Here's what my video editor says about the stream after downloading it to a file.

Name: cumulus.jpg
Size : 0.099 GB
Duration : 23:59:59.92
Mux type : MPJPEG

Encoding : MJPEG
Uncompressed : yes
VideoStreamID : x201
Frame rate : 25.00 fps
Encoding size : 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio : 16:9
Progressive : False
Chroma : 4:2:0

AUDIO Stream: 1 (Primary)
Codec : LPCM
Original Codec : Video only
Channels : 2.0
Language : ???
PID : x20A
PES Stream Id : xBD
Bit rate : 1536 Kbps
Sampling rate : 48000
Sample size : 16 bits

Might work if you put it in a m3u as mpegts

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No, you can see that the picture is regularly updating. The link you shared is to the current picture, and scripts embedded in the web server showing the pictures are updating/changing the pictures/pages. A live video feed and a server actively updating its content are two separate and different things.

No audio in it.
My video editor muxes in silent audio to maintain sync if the source has no audio stream.
The screenshot from VLC above is correct, video stream but no audio stream.

There does appeaer to be a lot of WeatherSTEM Portals with that type of MJPEG Live video out there.

Tried mpeg/ts
Left url blank and file blank.

Perhaps for future beta test?
This type of stream?

(Yes confirmed streaming
with planes and cars (there is a road to left of building on right side of frame you can clearly see).

Here is a response from the company that produces the equipment..
Does this help?

…”The JPG designator you stumbled upon is actually MJPEG.

Our cameras can offer H.264 or H.265 as well.

Tried it as a custom channel MPEG-TS and appears Channels DVR doesn't like something.
Not sure if it's the lack of an audio stream, or being MJPEG video or what.
ffprobe does show the single MJPEG video stream but no duration or bitrate

Input #0, mpjpeg, from 'tortola.jpg':
Duration: N/A, bitrate: N/A
Stream #0:0: Video: mjpeg (Baseline), yuvj420p(pc, bt470bg/unknown/unknown), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 25 tbr, 25 tbn, 25 tbc

DVR log shows

2021/10/10 12:27:44.066720 [TNR] Opened connection to M3U-Tortola for ch123 Tortola-BVI
2021/10/10 12:27:44.067986 [HLS] Starting transcoder for channel 123 from (encoder=remux, resolution=, deinterlacer=, bitrate=0)
2021/10/10 12:27:54.186753 [HLS] Probe failed for live stream after 10.118362564s and 3793920 bytes
2021/10/10 12:27:59.511800 [HLS] Couldn't generate stream playlist for ch123-dANY-ip172.18.0.1: Timeout waiting for session to start after 8s
2021/10/10 12:27:59.511920 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch123-dANY-ip172.18.0.1 (out: 0s, finished: false)
2021/10/10 12:27:59.512116 [TNR] Closed connection to M3U-Tortola for ch123 Tortola-BVI

This was from the Live Stream at the portal in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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