Custom Channels for Weekly Web Episodes

I’m guessing this thought might not be doable but figured I’d ask all you geniuses out there anyway! I watch a few web episodes that are done live weekly on different websites.

Would there be anyway of getting these into Channels as like a Custom Channel or something else? I’m guessing prob not has it’s not like a webcam where the link stays the same all the time but maybe I’m wrong on that because I don’t know a lot about how it all works!

Some might be supported and work, but you're the one that needs to figure it out.
Without EPG guide data, Channels DVR won't record the channel.
You'll need to find the streams for the webcasts Tool for extracting URL of live video
Figure out if it's HLS or MPEG-TS format.
Add it as a source in Channels and see if it works.
Many sites will change the url for their stream.m3u occasionally and you would have to work around that.

Lots of posts in this section about the same thing.

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Hey @chDVRuser thank for the tips. I'll look a little deeper into this and see what might be doable.