Custom Channels from Spectrum TV?

Any way to grab channels from Spectrum TV as custom channels? Probably would've already been done if possible right?

Assuming you have a legitimate login, you can get Spectrum with the channels DVR TVE feature. Then, once you have the TVE feature working, you can create a custom channel by pointing your custom channel m3u source to the Channels DVR (eg., http://<channelsDVR_IP>:8089/devices/TVE-Spectrum/channels.m3u). For the guide data, you can point the custom channels setup to http://<channelsDVR_IP>:8089/devices/TVE-Spectrum/guide/xmltv. Why would anyone want to do this? So you can use Plex or Emby or some other interface to access the Spectrum TVE channels. Otherwise, it just duplicates the TVE setup on Channels. Maybe another reason would be to create alternative sources with different lineups (eg., Spectrum1, Spectrum2, Spectrum3) so you can exclude specific channels or sets of channels when building channel collections.

Sorry. I didn't word myself correctly. I was actually wondering if I can grab the stream from the Spectrum TV website and add them as custom channels in Channels DVR. Kinda like what they're doing with TVE but the stream coming from Spectrum itself instead of the network websites. That way you can have every channel that you're subscribed to.

But like I said I'm sure the developers would've done it already if it were that easy.

Ah yes. You are likely right. I have Spectrum and find the only real workable method (besides TVE) is to use Playon to gain access to content (albiet on demand only) from those other channels that TVE don't help with.

That’s probably the answer to your question.

But definitely understand. I wouldn’t mind getting Spectrum News 1 or even the Weather Channel. Both of which are available through the cable box, the app and the website, but a no go on TVE. Though I do use Frndly as a secondary source for TWC.

Maybe via an HD HomeRun Prime and a Spectrum provided CableCard?

Pretty sure those direct spectrum feeds have no.

How is Stremium pulling in some of the channels that Channels can't? For instance Spectrum Sportsnet.


As far as the HR Prime, that’s is also a no go. The channels are DRM in my area. I live in a former Time Warner area. Spectrum users whose local provider was Time Warner before the merger have almost all except the local channels DRM on CableCard.

Most like illegally.

Why wouldn’t they offer other channels then?

So you are saying TiVo does not work with Spectrum? It also uses CableCard

TiVo has the DRM keys.

no idea, thats a question for them, not for here. :person_shrugging:

Like @phongzie said, TiVo has the DRM keys to use with CableCard. Actually, Silicondust does have the DRM keys for the HD Homerun apps that run on Android and iOS/iPadOS. However, oddly, they don’t have the DRM keys for use on the HD Homerun app for TVOS (Apple TV). Anyway, Channels doesn’t have the DRM keys for CableCard so anything DRM is inaccessible to Channels.


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Mentions Channels DVR.

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