Custom Channels from Tablo - Playback Failed

I'm Getting playback failed on some Custom Tablo provided channels when trying to view on the Android TV client (Chromecast with Goggle TV). Watching using the Channels web client works without a problem. If I download the playlist directly from the Tablo and try to watch with VLC is also fails. When I open the the playlist.m3u file the channels that are failing all have letters and a plus (+) sign in the URL. Example:
#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="WJXX-HD" tvg-chno="25.1",WJXX-HD

I've tried re-scanning on the Tablo then re-downloading the M3U on Channels, but it seems to have made it worse in the form of more channels with the letters and plus sign in the URL. Does anyone have any suggestions to get these channels working?

Are you using the Tablo support that Aman put together, or just working this out on your own? (Looking at the URL, it looks like something is changing a long number into scientific notation: 1.089261e+06 is how computers/calculators display it, but you might be more familiar seeing 1.089261x10^6, or 1089261. Of course, that's just a guess as I don't have a Tablo to know for certain.)

What's it show on http://IP:8885/guide/channels

I just realized I said the IP address was my Tablo, but it is actually the address for my PC running the docker. Here's the output from http://IP:8885/guide/channels



How about this one:



New version of docker container is available with the fix.

Just installed the new docker and all the stations are working. Thanks for the amazing service.