Tablo for Channels

You can now integrate the OTA tuners in a Tablo device into Channels DVR via Custom Channels.

This is based on @TGZRyo's research in M3U from Tablo


How are Tablo OTA tuners compared to HDHRs? They look quite a bit larger and chunky physically? Is their native software just as bad as Silicon Dusts? Quality of the OTA streams, speed of tuning etc the same?

I did only very minimal testing, with a headless Tablo Dual. It was easy to setup via their iOS app, although I couldn't find any way to watch live tv there.

I did not subscribe to guide data or attach a hard drive.

Speed of tuning and quality is comparable to HDHR. The physical box is slightly bigger, maybe 20% bigger square and twice as tall. I think other models with integrated HDD and HDMI are bigger.

I would not recommend Tablo over HDHR. SiliconDust has a best-in-class API and tuner package. But if you have a Tablo tuner collecting dust, you can use it to add more tuners to your Channels DVR.


I'll test this out in the next few days, I have three Tablo quads, was hoping not to have to replace them all with HDHR units.


WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm/v7) and no specific platform was requested

Has anyone gotten the docker image to run on a Pi yet?

Try now.

standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error
Can’t get this image to run

Try now with docker pull tmm1/tablo-for-channels:latest

Now i get this.

flag needs an argument: -ip

Usage of ./tablo-for-channels:

-ip string

	ip address of tablo device

Did you set TABLO_IP correctly in the docker run command?

I think i did

You need to add it under env

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You guys are the best! Thank you

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Could someone post simple, step by step, actions to add Tablo to Channels
for the layman? THANKS VERY MUCH. Rob

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Yes, but:

First, due to technical limitations, including lack of Dolby AC-4 audio support on most streaming devices and Smart TVs, this is the first Tablo OTA DVR which can not stream content inside or outside the home. Viewing is limited to a single connected television.
At this time, support for Automatic Commercial Skip will be available on ATSC 1.0 recordings only.

(Emphasis added.)

Also, Tablo's guide and extended recording features cost $50/year; commercial detection/skipping is an extra $20/year. (While that may be $10/year cheaper than Channels, I still find their offerings not as compelling.)

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Sounds like the ATSC3 content will not be available over the network at all.

I'm not surprised, as there is a lot of work involved to take the new broadcast content and convert it into a regular mpegts stream that looks like ATSC1. I imagine the HDHR will remain the only ATSC3 capable network tuner on the market for quite a while.

I think their reference to "technical limitations" is predominantly related to the lack of AC-4. However, it could be deeper (including A/343 (TTML) subtitles), too.

(I spent some time trying to understand ATSC 1.0 when I was hacking on TVH as a hobby and trying to get my head around it. It looks like ATSC 3.0 is a completely different beast; perhaps when I have some greater stretches of free time I'll look into it more. However, here in the LA area—especially the poor reception areas of the IE foothills—ATSC 3.0 broadcasts are going to be hard to come by.)


That would be useful. Did you ever find something?