Tablo for Channels

You can now integrate the OTA tuners in a Tablo device into Channels DVR via Custom Channels.

This is based on @TGZRyo's research in M3U from Tablo


How are Tablo OTA tuners compared to HDHRs? They look quite a bit larger and chunky physically? Is their native software just as bad as Silicon Dusts? Quality of the OTA streams, speed of tuning etc the same?

I did only very minimal testing, with a headless Tablo Dual. It was easy to setup via their iOS app, although I couldn't find any way to watch live tv there.

I did not subscribe to guide data or attach a hard drive.

Speed of tuning and quality is comparable to HDHR. The physical box is slightly bigger, maybe 20% bigger square and twice as tall. I think other models with integrated HDD and HDMI are bigger.

I would not recommend Tablo over HDHR. SiliconDust has a best-in-class API and tuner package. But if you have a Tablo tuner collecting dust, you can use it to add more tuners to your Channels DVR.


I'll test this out in the next few days, I have three Tablo quads, was hoping not to have to replace them all with HDHR units.


WARNING: The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform (linux/arm/v7) and no specific platform was requested

Has anyone gotten the docker image to run on a Pi yet?

Try now.

standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error
Can’t get this image to run

Try now with docker pull tmm1/tablo-for-channels:latest

Now i get this.

flag needs an argument: -ip

Usage of ./tablo-for-channels:

-ip string

	ip address of tablo device

Did you set TABLO_IP correctly in the docker run command?

I think i did

You need to add it under env

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You guys are the best! Thank you

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