Custom Channels - UniFi Camera

Hi, had a bit of a search in the forums but couldn’t see any solutions.

I’m unable to get my rtsp based cameras to play on a custom m3u, on my Apple TV 4K. Web interface takes its time but does play eventually.

I’ve added video and audio flags. Has there been any fixes?

Thank you

It seems to be UniFi protect v2 which doesn’t like streaming rtsp. Rolled back to 1.21.6 and works fine.

I'd recommend using Homebridge and the Protect integration. I upgraded to 2.0.1 earlier today, and updated the Homebridge plugin to 5.2.2, and I have no problems with the RTSP streams. (And the integration with the Apple TV is better than what you can get with Channels, such as face detection and doorbell notifications.)

(Also, the RTSP isn't broken or missing in Protect 2.x, the plain RTSP links just aren't displayed. Change the protocol and port and drop the security parameter from the link displayed in Protect, and it will work fine.)

My homebridge streams broke too.

I have already changed the URLs they previously working then broke on upgrade, perhaps 2.0.1 has fixed it.