Custom Install Path on Ubuntu 14.04 and setup feedback

Hello all -

Feedback on custom install path… In my case I’m installing to a ZFS mount point - simply creating the directory and trying to install from above it didn’t work. Instead of debugging the install script I just did it by hand.

Would be nice to have a command line option to specify install path manually instead of being forced into ~/channels-dvr or /usr/local/channels-dvr.

If the install should be performed by a privileged user (such as root) perhaps a check for uid on execute and suggesting using sudo would be appropriate here? NO ONE should regularly work as root!

The init script installer references a channels-dvr/data directory but at no point is the directory ever created in the installation scripts ( or Manually creating the directory allows the service to start properly with initctl.

My local network has dns for my server which knows it as “server” - http://server:8089 connects but login responds with invalid redirect uri. Accessing my server by IP instead redirects properly.

Now I’m logged in and can see my tuners and finally got DVR activated. My DUAL shows zero channels but works with the tvOS app - should I expect not to be able to use it with the DVR?

And on that subject, if it will work with DVR, would be nice to be able to map and merge channels from the OTA source like is available in Windows Media Center. If I have one set of CA tuners and one set of OTA tuners, I should be able to prioritize recording from a unified guide to the OTA tuners so I can keep the CA tuners open for CA protected channels.

Otherwise, I’m off to play! Thanks guys!

You should be able to install into any directory you want, but switching to it before running the installer.

The has a line which creates this dir:

mkdir -p channels-dvr/$version channels-dvr/data

This is expected for the initial login. After you setup you can use the internal alias to access the dvr.

The DUAL is supported, but you must set it up first. See HDHomeRun DUAL support (legacy tuners)

This should work as expected. You can change the priority of your tuners on both the DVR and on the tvOS app to set the OTA tuner first.

Thanks for the response - you got me on the data directory, I ended up editing the script because it failed to install when executed from the desired install path.

I’ll have to build a VM and test the installer as it did fail for me in the custom location.

I’m following the DUAL instructions now.

Thanks again! I’m excited to get started with Channels - I was hoping to replace WMC last year but certain unnamed projects left us with much to be desired.