Customer Abuse

When signing up for Channels, i.e. paying for a subscription, one sees the following:
If you have any questions, visit our support site at, contact us at [email protected], or call at +1 434-602-1751.
The phone number answers with a recording saying they don’t answer the phone or take phone messages! (Reminds me of the Three Stooges gag of saying “see this” then sticking two fingers in the eyes.)
I emailed both support at getchannels and at fancybits, asking that I not be billed until the dvr was enabled. I got a receipt of reversal from fancybits but no reply from getchannels support.
I had tried first to revive my subscription then to re-enable the dvr, which had resulted in the dvr seeming to go into an infinite loop. This time after getting a refund I disabled the dvr ( on a WD MyCloud Home drive) and attempted to resubscribe from the dvr enable function, which seems to hit an infinite loop trying to charge the credit card. Is nobody at Channels embarrassed enough by this kind of behavior to reach out and attempt to help.

Have a little patience. I am not a young guy and work in tech, and would rate these guys as the best support I’ve every had.


Why are you expecting two separate email responses? You got your reversal. Why would you send the same request to two different email addresses? This seems odd.

What issue are looking for support to address? If it is the infinite loop, uninstall the server software from your device and then reinstall to make sure you have the latest version. Then try to subscribe.

I don’t understand. You asked to not be billed and we canceled your subscription and even refunded the previous charge.

If there was another issue you needed help with, we apologize. Please email us again at [email protected]. We like to address specific issues with customers via our email support channel, not necessarily on our community forum.



My email to [email protected] was sent from [email protected] on 02/14/2021. I agree that is a better place to resolve technical issues with specific installations and I am awaiting a reply.
I hope you realize I am rooting for your company and I hope your customers and potential customers realize these “customer abuse” complaints are minor. I did compare the phone thing to a gag and I did point out you issued a prompt refund. Had this been ATT, I wouldn’t be waiting for a refund, my house would be in foreclosure by now!

Again, your email was answered and we never received any reply that we didn't help you with another issue. Please open a new ticket by emailing us and we'll respond promptly.

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Why is this labeled customer abuse? You got what you wanted… I suggest renaming this thread


Me too... I'm looking at the title and picturing the customer tied to a chair in a poorly light room getting smacked around for having an issue. :joy:

What would make this customer happy is not to have a refund for an undelivered product, the law demands that and even ATT and the cable companies respect that. What would make me happy is if billing occurred after delivery, e.g. their DVR answers a ping or they have communicated with it in someway. I would also happily read that they cannot afford the expense of phone support. I am not quite so happy to be offered a “phone support number” which will deliver the same prerecorded audio message. And finally, I would have been most happy, and would not have opened this thread, if they had read and responded to the technical half of my email to support.
Here is a copy of that email:

Dear Sirs:
I just enabled my subscription and attempted to install the channels dvr on a my cloud home network drive, but the configure option presents a page with a start button which does nothing. Plex is at my-cloud home.local:32400 but there is no server at :8089.
If I go to get, log on and request an install on a my cloud home I am taken to the dvr files created today but the channels server is still unavailable.

It was not my intention to subscribe to be an alpha tester. Will you please cancel my subscription until you have this bug fixed.

That this email to this day has gone unanswered saddens me because I am a customer very hopeful for success of Channels. And I hope they can see this thread as on topic, constructive criticism.

So you want to be able to use their product without having to pay for it? You asked them to cancel and it sounds like they did and sounds like they have proof they did. You never asked for help resolving the issue in the email you provided.


You had a 30 day trial, not understanding why you didn’t cancel before the 30 days when you couldn’t get it to work.


You lost me at saying these guys abused you, and refer to AT&T and cable companies as being better?

You aren't buying a hamburger here, its a service. Many services are pre-paid. For a small shop like the Channels team, I doubt they want to deal with AR problems that would occur if they were trying to chase people around after the fact to get paid. Try getting access to Neflix, Hulu, Apple Music, Spotify, a pre-paid cellular phone, any hosting company, Amazon Prime, etc., etc., etc. BEFORE you pay for the services.

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Richard thank you for this question, I think it gets at why my experience differs from most customers. When I decided to evaluate Channels I registered for the free trial and I agreed to be billed after a month, back then loading and running the DVR service went flawlessly. Subsequently, for personal reasons I realized I hadn’t the time to look at Channels and after about a week canceled my subscription. After more than a month I decided to give it another go, fully expecting that they had kept the history of my subscription and that I would be billed. Unfortunately, the real IP address of the My Cloud Home net drive on which my instance of their DVR server resides had changed. I suspect that their failure to properly detect this (I was after all renewing my subscription from the new IP address.) is what caused their activation process to hang.

Jon I am still waiting for a reply from Customer Service.

I kindly asked you to open a new support ticket via email as your last one was closed and didn't exactly have a technical question in it.

Please do so and we can work with what your issue is.