Dark mode for for Forums

Is there a way to change the forums to Dark Mode? I know I can do it on another Discourse Hub forum.

I have floaters in my eyes and dark mode would help. Thanks!

Install browser extension "Dark Reader" It make most website dark, or black, or whatever in between u can set.

Thanks and if this functionality exists built in with this forum... which it seems to be, I’d rather just use that rather than install a plug in.

As far as I could tell there's nothing built in. There are some forum plugins but installing those is more challenging for us.

i takes like 2 clicks 2 secs to install and u can enjoy dark mode on any site.
this and ad blocker (U Block Origin) are the essential browser extensions.

I use Brave so no ad blocker needed but am trying the plug in for Chrome for Dark Mode. So far, so good!