Data usage..Does Channels use a lot Data when idled on my computer?

Hi does anyone know how much data the Channels uses? does it use a lot while idled on my computer? Sorry I am not very tech Savy, but my Data went up so much, and we really do not watch that much TV except in evenings for a couple of hours. Any tips on how to get it lower? Really appreciate it..Thanks

It only uses data when recording or watching live

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Hi sorry to bother you but I keep getting this threat notice on my comcast modem I believe. would you mind telling me is this Channels or could it be a real threat? It is different source IP one is
Thank you so much
This is what it is saying,,,,,

Threat Information

An IP Reputation threat occurs when a device that we’ve identified as coming from a known malicious source tries to access a device on your home network. This method may be used to obtain personal information and/or compromise your devices. To keep your network safe, we automatically block access from known malicious sources.

Learn More About Threat

Action Required

This kind of threat on your network requires you to take additional steps to improve the security of the device being attacked.

Help Me Fix It


Threat History

23 Threats on Crowes-iMac

Security Glossary

Source IP

A source IP is the outside IP address that's attempting to access a device on your network. It's the “source” of an outside attempt to communicate.

Target IP

A target IP is the IP address of the device that's being attacked by a source outside of your network. It's the “target” of a source IP's attempts.


A network port is a number that identifies one side of a connection between two computers. Computers use port numbers to determine where a message should be delivered. As network addresses are like street addresses, port numbers are like apartment or room numbers.

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A quick IP reputation lookup indicates those addresses are problematic and I seriously doubt they are related to Channels. The message you received appears legit from Comcast/Xfinity. Am guessing you have some kind of malware running somewhere on your home network that is burning a lot of bandwidth and accessing those IP addresses. Definitely something that requires attention.

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Since it looks like you are on a Mac, open Utilities / Activity Monitor and select Network. Will give an indication of what applications are using the network.


Thank you for looking it up.. Do you know how I would do that. I am so sorry to ask.. I am just not that tech savvy.. but that must be why my Data on internet is so night.. I would really appreciate it.. thank you

On your Mac, click on the desktop so "Finder" shows right of the Apple Icon menu. Then click Go followed by Utilities. That will open a folder and Activity Monitor will likely be the first or second item.

Reality wise, you need to call in a favor from family or friend to help. Best of luck.