Data usage?

For those that have been actively using TVE for a full billing cycle, I'm curious what your data usage has been like? Are you able to compare to pre-TVE usage and guesstimate how much more data you are using? I've got a cap and already use about 80% of it without TVE.

We use only sparingly (Data Cap is 1TB) right now and as expected our usage has increased. However, prior to TVE we usually used we have lots of room.

We’ll increase usage as time goes on and I fix my streaming pixellation (problems only on TVE channels).

You use 500MB per month? I have a 1TB cap as well and my current usage is roughly 800GB per month. So I am very curious what a month of serious TVE usage would incur data wise.

We don’t have a lot of household users, although my husband has finally woken up to the fact that he was missing a lot by not streaming. (Only 3-5 weeks ago).

Now, he’s a GB hog and I am monitoring his usage carefully to ensure, he doesn’t eat up the comfortable 500gb shortfall (cushion), we did have. He’s a 24/7 TV watcher (retired) and obviously that is not unacceptable.

Hence, I don’t even have a full month of data with his TOTAL usage.

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If you have an Xfinity 1TB plan you can set notifications when you exceed certaing percentages.
You also get two months grace period for exceeding 1TB before being charged.

Thanks. I do have notifications set, but still would like to get a sense of what a month of using TVE would use.

A rough estimate would be to look at the size of your recordings and figure the number of GB per hour.
If 1.6 GB/hr (for 4mb/s stream), then it would take over 600 hrs a month to hit 1 TB (1,024GB / 1.6GB)

My billing statement shows 4612GB for July, which is more than 3 times the previous month. And the majority of what I record is OTA. I don't think that is all from TVE, though... my wife doesn't even use Channels, she mostly streams foreign TV shows through other apps. But, I can't imagine continuously recording TVE for a whole month without hitting a 1TB limit. I would get rid of that limit. TVE is a lot lower bitrate than OTA though, so the file sizes are significantly smaller.... I suppose for anyone with a limit it depends on how much you use.


Thanks for info on bitrate diff of TVE (lower) vs OTA. Lends support to tests I am doing on low powered NAS.

I would think it uses 2 to 2.5 GB an hour


Do you happen to know about TVE vs Cable for same channel.

It’s another datapoint that I’m really, really interested in determining.

1 TB gets eaten pretty fast if you also have Prime or Netflix and TVE.


Yeah...just see my post above re: Husband. 24/7 TV watcher.

Figure, only just his use will be 1.6TB a month.

BTW: Before any of you decide to jump my case about “monitoring” his usage. Not limiting at all, just “watching” carefully.

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Correction...not MB, GB. Sorry

Stats per my Fire TVs average 3500 mbps for TVE. OTA can be anywhere between 2800 to 13500. If you need more stats let me know


I'm always way over 1TB. I went ahead and got rid of my purchased modem and rent the comcast one for $15 a month with their "Xfinity Advantage" to get rid of the cap for the lowest price I could. I also upgraded to Gigabit internet in the process.

I don't think Gigabit has a data cap. I know I definitely don't have any cap. Am regularly over 1TB and have never been charged. And I don't rent a comcast modem either.

Noticing Sport channels stream at a Higher bitrate ESPN can push 8500 mbps(only one I’m seeing that does 60fps) where Fs1 and Nbcsn hits around 5000

It depends on your region. I was originally told that I would have no cap on gigbit but the customer service rep was uninformed.

Its times like this I appreciate my small regional fiber internet with no data caps.