Database Failure?

Not sure why I’m getting this error on the Server when I click the Channels DVR shortcut. The server seemes to be working fine from:

Is it already running in the system tray? Or do you have it installed as a service?

I recently re-installed as a service. Link no longer valid?

Okay that appears to be a bug then. I will look into a fix.

Hi, I have just started getting this error as well. This happened when playing a file back on the iPad app. I can no longer start the service as it just goes in a endless loop. I have uninstalled the service and re-installed. Nothing seems to be working.

Was it installed as a service or in the system tray?

Installed as Service. running Services.msc i can see that it says starting, then stopped and goes in a continuous loop. When i go to launch the application i get the same error as above.

Check the end of the log file for any errors:


I think when you run it yourself it doesn’t have permissions to access the files in that directory because it’s been running as Administrator before as a service. The log should contain the error that’s occurring when you try to start the service.

I know this is an old topic but I just moved my server and have a new problem. I have the same issue. I have it installed as a service. Neither the desktop short program link in the start menu work.

I too have this. While it's not keeping anything from functioning, it's rather annoying. I have channels installed as a service. I looked at the logs, I didn't find anything useful.