Date on Guide?


@tmm1 Just wondered if we can get the date posted to the top of the guide as you are scrolling through tvOS and iOS versions ? When scrolling past the current week it gets confusing as to what day you are looking at by date. Any plans to introduce this ?



You want the date instead of the day of the week? It is supposed to be showing the date once you go past a few days… maybe there is a bug.


@tmm1 yes I don’t see anything other than day of week, Mon, Tues etc, no date. If this could be added/fixed (if its a bug like you said) would be great. Checked in tvOS and iOS versions and same occurs on both. Thanks


I can confirm that I too only see day of week with time and no dates even after scrolling past the current week on iOS 12 with Channels DVR 2.2.7.


@tmm1 were you able to find this bug ? If not do you need anything from me to help pinpoint ? Thanks as always


This is confirmed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


@maddox any update on this one ? Thanks


How about also adding the date/time display to the app. So when you are browsing the guide, you can easily see what time it is, so you know how much time an existing program has left. Likewise when displaying the info window for a show in progress while browsing the Favorites list ...

This has been something I've been looking for since the beginning.


ICBW, but I believe this has been asked and answered before, and I believe the answer was they have no way of keeping the time current?


Since it requires an internet connection (guide data), they can implement an NTP client to keep the time synced. Or, just get the system time.


My bad. My comment was ambiguous. I meant on the screen. Like I wrote: ICBW, but ISTR one of the devs saying they had no way to keep the display up-to-date.