Default Channel on start


Would love to have the ability to specify (per AppleTV) the ability to have a default channel automatically start when I launch the app.

ie, Start app with CNN in the morning… w/o having to navigate to CNN or select it from favorites.

Optional Per AppleTV.


If implemented, I hope there is a option to disable this feature.


With only two tuners this would be not good for me. I prefer being able to access the UI without using any tuners.


I like the option per Apple TV. Maybe in the Kitchen it would be good to go back to last channel.

Also, if you exit with home key it will restart where you left off. Or at least use too. I do not use it much.


@tmm1 @maddox

I am a fairly new user and still really enjoying Channels DVR on my 3 Apple TV’s. I have been using Windows 7 Media Center for a very long time with HD HomeRun tuners, so the switch to Channels DVR has been pretty straightforward.

I use a Logitech Harmony Hub and have been able to create a Watch Apple TV activity which consistently starts up Channels DVR. The one step that is missing, though, is the ability to automatically start viewing a specific Live TV channel when the Channels DVR App is launched.

I did a quick search and found this old thread. Perhaps there is a newer thread that has been replied to? If so, please point me there. If not, can one of you please comment on whether or not this feature request is possible?

Thanks for a great product and keep up the great work. Also, thank you for being so responsive in this forum!


You can do this via the API:


Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know a way that a Harmony Hub can issue an http POST command?


I don't have a harmony, but I recall others figured out how to make it issue http requests.