Delay/Black Screen Apple TV4K Only IOS 14

Since updating to IOS 14, I now have a delay when going from a channel back to the guide or launching a channel. I only have this issue on my ATV4K as everything is normal on my ATV4. The screen goes black for about 2-3 seconds each time I go from guide to launch a channel or back. Anyone else having this issue?

What are the Audio Driver and Video Driver settings under Playback > Advanced

Both are set to default.

Is your Apple TV in HDR mode?

I have it set to SDR but match content is set to ON. When I turn that OFF the delay is gone. So it is definitely something with that setting. I had it on the same settings before without delay.

Please submit diagnostics from the app after seeing the issue

I’m seeing this as well. It’s switching video modes where it didn’t before.

In my case it was fixed by changing then Chroma setting in the Apple TV video settings from 4:2:0 to 4:4:4. However, 4:4:4 won’t work for all displays so this might not be a fix for everyone.

@turtletank this solution worked perfectly for me. I’m pretty new user of Channels (roughly 2 weeks), and had just accepted the delay. However since this fix, massively improves the experience.

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