Delay Issues at Initial Startup

I have old model HDHR4-2US. I was wondering if it's time to change to new model. I been having delay issues after replacing my old PC.
I downloaded channels DVR 64bit. Installation went good. Channels app opens ok. The issue it takes a while for settings tab to be visible, it sits there thinking with small circle on top going around and around. Once is open i can go to other tabs with no delays, but does the same everytime I go to settings tab. Also, I use HDHOMERUN app and has the delay too, it takes a while to play a channel.
Is it setup issue with 64bit? I had 32bit channels DVR on old PC. I need to go with new OTA turner?

Delays like this usually means slow Wi-Fi in your home.

What device are you running Channels on?

Is your PC on Wi-Fi or wired?

i'm running on PC and appleTV, using WIFI. Thanks for the help.

Using Wi-Fi for the dvr pc is a bad idea. It needs to be plugged in directly to the same switch as the hdhomerun.

Try running the speedtest app on the Apple TV and see what it says.

Sorry. Let me explain. I didn't good job in last reply. :slight_smile:
DVR is running on pc, and pc is wired. appletv is WIFI. I think is working good now.
But I do have issue with TVE. DVR finds and is connected to TVE (hulu live tv). But I have issue with playing TVE channels, when I press watch on DVR on PC it is buffering (circle going around and around) but never connects. HDHR channels work fine both on DVR and apple TV.

All TVE channels, or just certain ones?
When you try watching and it fails, what does Channels DVR log say for that time?