Delay skipping forward while watching show currently being recorded

I am seeing an issue that seems to only occur if I try to fast-forward on a show that is being recorded at the time.

Ex: News starts recording at 0430, I begin to watch it from the beginning around 0500 and will often (but not every time) get a lag when I try to skip commercials. I have it set for 15s skip and the news is infested with commercials so it is used often.

I tend to not see this when the show is fully recorded.

Running on an Nvidia Shield Pro with server and client on the same device. CPU does not appear to be under duress during this time.

Tuners are on the same switch so they are logically close. I don't see any lag during playback, only when skipping forward/back.

Notes - Latest Production release of Client.
Did occur with the latest Production release of DVR, though at the moment I happen to be running Beta Version

Ex: CPU/Memory state on Shield while concurrently recording/playing back.

(kernel: 4.9.140-tegra-g19e7acaac93b)
4 cores / ARMv8 Processor rev 1 (v8l)
load averages: 1.75 1.04 0.74
2.88 GB
31.7% free

What speeds you getting in the Shield Channels settings?

It might have to do with writing and reading the same file from two different places. What medium is the recording happening on, and how is it connected?