Delete Watched Episodes - No Season Pass


The DVR is not deleting watched episodes. I no longer have the season pass and I am watching the rest of the shows. Will I have to delete one show at a time?


Auto-delete settings are part of the Pass, so it won't work without. We know this is confusing and hope to make it more intuitive in the future.


Okay, thanks. Intuitive or not, it would be good to have a way to delete multiple episodes, even if it is via the web interface. If not, I have about 50 episodes that I will have to delete one by one. Thanks!


One workaround is to delete the mpg files using Finder or Explorer, then run the prune command to remove any database entries for deleted recording files.

For a single show there's a button: DVR cleanup

For all shows there's a command line: DVR cleanup


You can delete all episodes by opening episode details, more, more episodes, 3 dot menu, delete all recordings

@tmm1 , what would be really useful is a delete all watched episodes function