Device performance

Currently using a CCwGT which works fine other than getting hung up when I FF or RW too much through the timeline. It just takes some time to recover. I had similar behavior on the TiVo Stream as well but as much as I liked the remote, I got rid of that.

I have not invested in a higher end player yet and was curious if those also suffer from too much FF and RW.

I was thinking about getting some Shield tubes and they will be hardwired.

DVR is running on a Synology.


The lag when skipping through the recording isn't as much related to your streaming device as it is your network. The "slowness" is lag as the DVR sends the additional requested portions to your client. The best way to get rid of that lag is to have a faster, lower-latency connection. The speed isn't so much the issue as the latency, though, and the number one way to improve that is with a wired connection.

(Also, Android devices need additional free space in order to download their updates. I had a CCGTV that couldn't update a single app until I deleted at least 3 to free up extra space to allow the updates to download. Tiny amounts of internal storage make devices like this a pain to use if you have more than 4 or 5 apps installed.)

Right that's why I want to move to a device with ethernet and more cpu power. Just haven't pulled the trigger. I wasn't sure of the tube vs pro would make a difference, well, unless I want the option to try and use it as my server or other fun things.

I ran 2000' of cat6a in our new house and running a full Ubiquiti network so hardwire is everywhere including the island in the kitchen haha. Still have a Tivo+Minis setup and all of that requires hard wire. I'm also using port aggregation on my ChannelsDVR NAS so it has plenty bandwidth for that and it's other duties.

I've just never been big on Apple devices... although I still have an old functioning ipod... one of the ones with a spinning drive in it!

If those are the two devices you are going to choose between, I say go with the pro. IIRC, the Tube is running a 32-bit version of Android on its 64-bit processor. Although I have no personal experience with either, I have heard anecdotally from users of them that the Tube will give an experience similar to other low- to mid-range Android devices.

Essentially, if you are tied to the Android ecosystem, your number one choice should be the Shield Pro. It simply is the best Android device.

I have had the Tube and Pro model since they day they have come out.

They both perform well.

They only difference is the Tube is a tad bit slower loading/updating things.
I would imagine that is due to using a slower sd card vs the super high speed USB3.0 Samsung T7 SSD that is on my Pro(since it has USB ports).

Have a 64gb ssd card in the Tube, never had issues with running out of space or anything like those low end no space devices have. (But, i never had that issue with with the Tivo Stream either.) My mother uses the Tivo Stream and the Tube Shield, and often pauses Channels for long time, been working fine for years.

So. the Tube is fine for a Channels client and general Streaming services box, and is cheaper than the Pro.

But, if you want do more than just only use it for Channels Client, be able to attach fast storage, and have top performance, and don't mind spending a bit more, get the pro. Its the better future investment.


I am an emulation guy... I even have a full size arcade cabinet that I converted. I'll probably get the pro for at least the big tv for those times I wanna tinker with emulation.

I'm guessing the Synology DS718+ still a better DVR though eh?

Better is realtive.

I use a Raspberry Pi as my DVR server....I don't need remote streaming or super fast comskip processing. I found it better for my needs and usage than using a Intel NUC with far more powerful hardware.

The NAS, just says Quad core CPU, not sure what kind, I never used such dedicated NAS devices, I have just used an older computer and FreeNAS, but such NAS boxes like Synology are often low power hardware vs an actual computer. So it would think it is as good as the Quad core ARM cpu in the Pi at least. And, of course, if u need massive amount of storage or HDD redundancy etc, NAS is a good choice.

What is best for you, depends on your needs and usage.

If your primary purchasing criteria is the best Channels experience, you should go with hard wired Apple TV’s.

I may try one of those too... price is the same as shield pro.

I've got multiple google subscriptions... youtube music/premium, stadia for examples

I did pick up a Shield Pro yesterday and omg does wired make a difference. Spot on performance just like a wired tivo mini.

The CCwGTV is going in my backpack for travels!

Apple TV 4K current gen, is nice. Smooth, and fluid.

But, far more limited usage and locked down device, locked to Apple ecosystem of course, as compared to the Shield.

No usb or way to add storage. Only 32gb/64gb models, with no practical way to transfer files to it easily. I could not even find stock of the 64GB model anywhere even through Apple when i went to buy one.

Android TV is far more versatile and customizable and supports far more apps and things, and more, as it support sideloading android apk files.

Apple TV is a simple, easy to use streaming box.
I have found the picture quality when streaming SD content is better. (and perhaps overall in general)
Many apps are just smoother more refined and function better than their Android TV versions. I found like in HBO Max, i watch some old 90's cartoons on there, Android TV it puts gray bars on both sides of the 4:3 picture, not so on Apple TV....and other random quirks among apps that are just better on Apple TV.

The Shield and Googles Android TV (now re-branded as Google TV) i swore buy, UNTIL, they changed the launcher and have crap ton of ads and aggregate content displayed. I went out a bought an Apple TV the day after my Shield switched to that...nice to have a super clean UI.

If you do use a Android TV device for Channels, you can side load the Carbon Themed APK a user here makes, if you prefer a dark with some transparency effect type theme, instead of the Purple default theme.

Either way, both devices work very well for Channels DVR.
The Shield Pro has the additional benefit of being compatible to be used as a Channels DVR Server, though if you do so, you can not add YouTube TV as TVE source.

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