Did we lose a bunch of Sports Channels via TVE

Continuing the discussion from DVR Pre-Release Notes:

I noticed NFL is gone, which is in the Pre-Release Notes. However, all the NBC-Sports, CBS Sports and SNY are gone also. Is this temporary or no longer compatible with TV-E?

I noticed the NBC announcement, but not sure on why SNY and CBS Sports are gone.

I am still getting CBS Sports through TVE. I don’t have SNY so I can’t check that. As far as NBC Sports they are out.

Was it removed for DirecTV by chance?

SNY & NBC Sports RSNs are gone, CBS is still there.

You're probably looking at the CBS FAST channel that got added to TVE (Golazo)

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You are right. Can we please be notified when channels are removed on the pre-release notes so we can make adjustments? Thank you