Difference between iOS apps

Maybe this has been answered somewhere in the forum but I couldn’t find. What is the difference between the 3 Channels apps in the App Store?
Channels: Whole Home DVR
Channels for HDHomerun $24.99
Channels for HDHomerun!

The paid Apple TV app is for using with just an HDHomeRun tuner. There’s no subscription needed. You just pay once. It’s just for live tv with your HDHomeRun.

The iOS version of this app is just free. We don’t charge for it.

I am currently using the Channels: Whole Home DVR app, is that the one to use even if I am using it with an HDHomerun?

If you pay monthly or yearly for the dvr subscription then yes the whole home version is the app you need to use.

Yes if you want to be able to record. The 24.99 one only allows you to watch real time no recording.

Thanks everyone!

My understanding is that the apps are Identical and share the same settings.

The Whold Home DVR app (free w/DVR subscription) only works if you have a subscription to Channel Plus (DVR) and works direct to an HDHR tuner or through the DVR.

The paid app works with or without the Channels Plus (DVR) subscription and works direct to an HDHR tuner or through the DVR if you have a subscription..

This is my understanding as well.